Sieanna Rahatt

underwriting coordinator

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fun facts for Sieanna Rahatt

Here at BRM, I’m an underwriting coordinator, but I also help with the processing of claims reimbursements.
I’ve actually only been in the industry for about six months now! It’s been a long learning experience but I’m so thankful that BRM took a chance on me and taught me all that I need to know!
The best part about my job is the people! I know people say that all the time, but this is truly the best batch of people I know! I love coming into the office on Mondays because that means we get to laugh together, share our weekends, and overall just have a good time!
I have lots of different hobbies, particularly in the arts! When I first joined BRM, I was also working at a summer theatre as an actress/dancer at Northampton Community College’s summer theatre. I also am an assistant coach at my alma mater’s color guard team, which I was formerly a member and captain of back when I was still in high school. In my downtime, I enjoy drawing, video production, writing, reading, and any other art forms I have the opportunity to explore!
My mom is my biggest inspiration! She is currently an underwriter at IISI, but, besides that, she is the strongest person I know, as well as being my best friend! She’s always been there for me and has always inspired me to be true to myself and spread kindness to those around me.
I’ve taken an abundance of great trips, but I think my favorite was a two-week long trip to Japan between my junior and senior year of college. I went with my high school class, and we had the opportunity to travel Tokyo, Okinawa, and Kyoto, Okinawa being my favorite of the three! There, we stayed with a host family and went to Futenma High School as our host school. My host sister and I stay in touch, and she is very supportive of my slow yet continued growth in learning the Japanese language!
I love both very much, but I’m definitely a cat person! I appreciate that their love is not unconditional, so you know that if a cat is comfortable around you it is because they truly like you! I also love that they’re barely domesticated- they can take care of themselves! The reason that they’re in your house is because they know you’re the easiest place to get food, but they also think you’re kind of cool so they stick around. I think that’s neat.
I was a child model for Crayola Color Fillz when I was ten.